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Meal intervals. Daily and weekly rest period. Pay for work on Sundays.

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Night work 2 that deals with transport and night shift allowances. Public holidays — 18 3 that deals with payment for work on a public holiday that falls on a day on which the employee would ordinarily not have worked. Employees earning under the threshold amount:. The Act entitles such persons to certain rights such as:. There are some other conditions as well, but we are not going to go into all of them here - this article is not intended to be a training course in the BCEA.

Employees earning over the threshold amount. Persons earning over the threshold amount do not have a legal right to demand anything in respect of Sections 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 2 , and 18 3 of the Act with effect from 1 July The employer must however in determining the hours of work of the employee earning above the threshold take into consideration section 7 of the Act:. Every employer must regulate the working time of each employee-.

Time issued under section 87 1 a ; and.

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Employees earning under the threshold have a legal right to demand in respect of the above-mentioned sections. Employees earning over the threshold do not have a legal right to demand in respect of the above-mentioned sections. The employee earning over the threshold amount, do however have a right to negotiate. Thus, the employee earning over the threshold amount must approach the employer, negotiate and reach agreement on how many normal hours and overtime work will be required from the employee.

Once this has been established the parties must agree on remuneration for the overtime worked.

Such remuneration may be less than the minimum prescribed by the Act. The same must be agreed upon for work on public holidays as per section 18 3 and work on Sundays. The employee earning over the threshold cannot demand and must therefore negotiate. The employer is in a similar position; the employer also cannot demand that employees earning over the threshold must work overtime, standby duties, attend callouts etc, without limitation and without compensation.

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Thank you for your reply and thank you Martin for your explanation. In my case it will mean lots more work for little extra gain. Well, if you choose to absorb all of the VAT yourself rather than transferring that cost over to your customers, then yes, it will lower your profit margin. If it was after profit then it would be you paying it. Rather than your buyers. The profits possible make the VAT threshold look small. Stay below the threshold and you do slightly less admin and your profits are always limited.

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Go above the threshold and its slightly more admin than otherwise but you can make additional profits. VAT returns are the one thing I do myself because they are so easy to do. My accountant does everything else. If you are a businss you have to do GST returns. To me, going VAT reg felt like becoming a proper business.

Predictive thresholds

It depends on what you sell but we paid 7. We get more business customers now too because they can claim the VAT back. How does it work? Under the Flat Rate Scheme, that two stage process is simplified to one step. For example, the flat rate percentage for a clothes shop is 7. The percentages for each type of business vary - there is a list here.

The flat rate scheme is designed to give the government roughly the same amount of VAT, but should be much easier to work out. However, because it is an approximation, some businesses will pay more, and some less. In the Autumn Statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced changes which affect businesses which have a very low cost base.

Limited cost traders can still use the Flat Rate Scheme, but their percentage will be Who will this affect?

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In your case, I don't think a pre-processing is necessary. You may find the Hough transform useful in your case. A second solution would be to use color segmentation. If you assume that your screen would always have black border you can work something in the L A b or HSV color space.

I think the result you've already shown is about as good as you're going to get. What you need isn't preprocessing of the input image, but to give your edge detector a good idea of what contour it's looking for.

If you write your contour extractor to look specifically for quadrilaterals, it'll easily be able to filter where the fawn sticks out at the bottom left, and the stand at the bottom. Then it's just a question of finding the one that corresponds to the TV probably the largest, but it depends on what other images you're running it on.

Reactive thresholds

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Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold
Before The Threshold Before The Threshold

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