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Observing the stars as a child, he became fascinated by astronomy.

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After spending his last two years of high school in Brooklyn, Petters went to the City University of New York—Hunter College, graduating with a math and physics double major and a philosophy minor. He then went to graduate school at MIT, where he participated in a program that let him also receive graduate training at Princeton.

He was the first African American in the mathematics department to earn tenure at the University. One of his contributions to the field is his development of a mathematical theory of gravitational lensing, whose applications he pioneered in physics.

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Currently, Petters researches how the gravity of microscopic black holes acts on light. This adds to research on the foundational question of whether there is a fifth macro dimension—a spatial dimension in addition to length, width and height, he explained. Even with his many research interests and duties as a dean and associate vice provost and professorships in mathematics, physics and economics, Petters finds time for personal pursuits.

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He created the Petters Research Institute in his native Belize for children from all over the country to study math and science. Petters has received an array of honors, ranging from being recognized as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by the British empire to being honored with a street in his name in Belize. He was also appointed as the inaugural chairman of the Council of Science Advisers to the prime minister of Belize.

There will be a diversity of backgrounds featured in the novel, including his own Caribbean heritage. The decorations in Petters office hearken to the diversity of this world he admires. Perhaps most important is the framed photograph in the corner of his office.

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Petters explained that the photograph is from when Einstein visited Lincoln University in In the picture, young African American students gather around as Einstein lectures on relativity. The new line launched in May and is available online. What makes this particular example interesting?

The two brands operate on their own local soil which binds them and makes the collaboration credible. Furthermore, the collaboration is surprising and unique, making it distinctive. Watch the Black Math x Wrangler movie here. Fondest memories are skating, breaking rules and making art.

Ha ha—real punk stuff. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

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Black Math

Is it always the same? No, there are so many places. Current affairs, conversations with people, something I see written on a wall or hear said on a train. I would say I get inspired by artists every day. I could list a heap of artists who I love but I feel like the artists that inspire my work the most are ones I am directly in contact with and who I bounce off.

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I have a space in Black Lake studio in Melbourne which is a collective of some really rad artists and I have always tried to surround myself with positive forward thinking people. I used to work in a cafe that had a wall painted in blackboard paint for kids to draw all over in chalk. It was insane how good that wall looked at the end of every day.

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One of my biggest regrets is not photographing it after every shift. Do you enjoy collabs? I really like the planning process and the interaction where multiple minds and ideas come together. Plus when you are working with another artist or someone with passion it is a huge push to do the absolute best. When did you begin creating work like this? How did this style come into existence for you? I started drawing over news papers a long time ago and using the blackout technique to edit articles into selective word poems. Wake up, have a coffee and check emails.

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Read the news. Have breakfast. Head to my studio and pick up where I left off yesterday or start on something new. Or one that has a compelling significance for you?

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One of the first portraits I drew over was around 5 years ago and it is a loose piece. It was a magazine cover. My best friend saw it and loved it and that made me want to try another one.

Black Math Black Math
Black Math Black Math
Black Math Black Math
Black Math Black Math
Black Math Black Math
Black Math Black Math

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