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A zillion times a day I close my eyes to reconstruct it.

I try. Not even in my own mind.

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The whistle on the pier squeals like crazy now. My lungs pull me down like stones till I see it: a circular saw blade so rusted it sparkles. I kick it once, stunned by how right it feels.

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I think we all have situations with friends and acquaintances that want us to be this person that we no longer want to be. I actually did most of my own stunts. The first day I got there we were filming. I try to stay in as good shape as I can, so I gotta get ready and stay ready.

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The weather where we shot in New Orleans was topsy-turvy. You wake up and it would be freezing cold and throughout the day it would be blistering hot and at the end of the night, and then it would be cold again. It was intense. Most definitely.

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  • You learn what it means to carry yourself. You learn the importance of staying in character. I believe with a film like Chainsaw Massacre it was easy for me to go about my life and come to set and do what I gotta do and leave. With this film, I had to stay locked into Sonny. It was amazing to work with those guys.

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    China is a doll. Jack Kesy, who I grew to be close friends with on the set, is a very determined, very skillful actor and very passionate about what he does. I spoke a lot to John [Pogue] about wanting to be in a movie where I can detach Trey Songz from the role. I wanted the challenge of having to act. I think something that would be easy and expected for me, which is something I would love to do. You get to step outside yourself and you could be someone else, and I think if you really take that seriously and have fun, it lends itself to be a great experience.

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    I would aspire to be the Black Superman [Calvin Ellis]. Its central story revolves around four friends who grew up together in an impoverished section of an unnamed city.

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    When they were teenagers, the friends routinely got into trouble, with crimes as petty as vandalism spray-painting their gang name the "Demons" on walls and as serious as armed robbery. The defining moment of their youth and their shared future was a chance encounter with the attempted robbery of an armored truck. He was arrested and sent to prison. The other three went on with their lives.

    Fifteen years later, Sonny Tremaine " Trey Songz " Neverson , the de facto leader of the old gang, has become a police detective with a fine record and a broken marriage to Megan Tanee McCall to show for it. Jake Jack Kesy , the guy who took the fall for his buddies, is being released from prison.

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    Sonny goes to pick up his old friend, but in a power play that primarily sets up an additional number of people shooting during the climax, Jake has called his brothers to bring him home without telling Sonny. Williams —who don't matter here, until they really don't matter—to split the stolen money.

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