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Lettuce roots tend to be shallow, so frequent watering is more important than deep watering. If all else fails and it looks like your lettuce plants are ready to bolt, dig them out of the ground and replant them. As with "cut and come again" harvesting, this is a shock to the plant's system and it will once again focus on growing roots and delay setting seed. Don't keep them out of the ground or allow the plants to dry out—just the act of lifting them and immediately replanting is enough of a shock.

The early-season planting of lettuce can be harvested into early summer if you follow the previous tips, but eventually, it will surrender to genetics and bolt with flower shoots.

If you want to have lettuce to harvest in late summer, you will probably have to plant a second crop in early summer. Lettuce seed can be difficult to sprout in warm, dry conditions. Try this trick to get them going:. Once the plants are a few inches tall and ready to start harvesting, they should not need a great deal of additional water. Finally, keep your lettuce seeds handy for a fall planting , when growing conditions are once again perfect for lettuce plants, and the growing is easy.

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Leaf lettuces grow quickly, and within a few weeks of cool fall weather, you can have some of the tastiest lettuce of the year. But there are some ways in which you can keep lettuce producing throughout the summer. Find a somewhat shady spot in your garden and give it a deep soaking of water. Then lay a board over the damp soil.

The board should be at least as large as your intended planting area. Periodically lift the board and re-soak the soil for another two to three days. This should lower the temperature of the soil. Now, plant your lettuce seeds in the prepared area and water them in well. Replace the board over the seeded ground.

9 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Red Leaf Lettuce

Lift the board and water every day until you see signs of germination, at which time you can remove the board. It should take about seven to 10 days for the lettuce seeds to sprout. Keep watering whenever the soil dries out.

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This can mean watering more than once a day, while the seedlings are tiny. Read More. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Yes, you would move it as necessary to water all of the plants. And have you tried row cover? I live in a Senior Community that has raised 4' beds for residents to plant small gardens. They are filled with fill dirt, which means lots of rocks we're in Tennessee , but I see no weeds. Should I put down a weed barrier over the dirt that is in there, then put new garden soil mixed with compost on top? Or mix the new garden soil and compost with the existing dirt, then put the weed barrier down before planting?

Or do I even need wee barrier if there's no weeds in there now? Thanks so much for your help. Hi, Fran.

You could till the soil and get rid of as many rocks as possible or cover with weed barrier or even damp newspaper and then add garden soil and compost. Weeds find a way, they are sneaky little buggers, so we recommend protecting your plants even if there are no weeds present at the moment. I planted my lettuce, spinach, beets and rutabaga in my raised garden bed few days ago.

We received low temps and light snow yesterday. Will my seeds still germinate if the temps rise, or will I have to replant? If they germinate and sprout and we have another light snowfall or low temps, can I cover them to protect them, or will they die? The instructions said to plant them in early spring as soon as the soil could be worked.

Did I plant them too soon? I live in zone 9a.


11 Types of Lettuce to Try So You'll Never Have a Boring Salad Again

Would you recommend drip or sprinkler irrigation for red leaf romaine, butter crunch, spinach etc for late October planting from plants already sprouted I picked up in flats from the garden center? Therefore, drip irrigation would be the wiser choice, as it will give you consistently moistened soil. Iceberg lettuce is a variety of cabbage, which needs cool temperatures and plenty of water. It should be grown early in spring or in early fall, and does not do well in the summer heat. Mulch around the base of each cabbage head to retain moisture and keep the roots cool.

I have a friend who needs about 5 kilos of butterhead lettuce. It's pretty hard to find them in Luzon.

Do you know where they are sold? Its important for the soil texture and roots navigation. Use any vegetation and lay it on the ground. The amount of debris should be sizeable. At least between one tonne and five is pretty fine.

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The pressure out of compression generates a lot of heat. Hello my name is Karime Gonzalez. I'm carrying out a science project in which I choose to harvest lettuce. The project is basically to make something to help the community. So if you could tell me if you know how to make organic fertilizers I would really thank you.

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With many varieties of lettuce, especially loose-left lettuce, you can keep harvesting from the plant. Lettuce is bolting if it forms a central stalk that eventually rises high above the base leaves.

Heat-Tolerant Lettuces

This seed stalk which has leaves along its stem will form flowers toward the top and eventually seeds. Hi my lettuce has been growing well for the season but now it is not producing any more lettuce and I have been told that it is doing something called going to seed but I really don't know. I was wondering if I could still do anything with them or if they were totally done. Leaf lettuce can stop growing when it is preparing to bolt go to seed. Warm temperatures, over 70F, as well as changing day length, will trigger the plant to spend its energy in forming flower stalks.

When this happens, leaves can become bitter. To delay bolting, if your area has been experiencing warm temperatures, you might try putting shade cloth over the plants so that they get filtered light. Try to keep them out of the heat of the sun.


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