The Coming Oil Crisis

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Given the instability there it could go even lower. There has been little change in the Sudanese and Syrian situations. The chances that either will resume normal exports in the coming year range from low to non-existent. Finally we have the trend to more extreme weather to consider. So far, most of the weather-related effects on oil production and distribution have been storms in the Gulf of Mexico; however, last year we saw a major disruption to the oil distribution system in the New York region. As floods and droughts become more prevalent, these too could impact oil production and distribution around the world, especially as more oil and gas production moves offshore.

If there are major export disruptions in the year ahead, prices obviously will go up — perhaps way up. If, however, the world manages to muddle through the next 11 months with the oil still flowing at roughly current rates, then the question of where oil prices go becomes more complicated. Conventional wisdom says European oil demand will go down this year and possibly next, U.

We should all keep in mind that the Saudis are currently building three large oil refineries so that in 3 to 4 years their export of crude will be about 1. As we have been told incessantly in recent months, U.

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Some geologists, however, noting the high cost of fracked oil wells and their short life, believe that this great upsurge in production will have to come to an end so that rates of production increases start dropping and eventually decline. While there are already a few signs, such as lower initial rates of production from fracked oil wells, most observers believe the balloon still has a year or two to go before it pops. The cost of producing oil from fracked wells is very high and in some cases close to current selling prices.

If economic conditions should lead to significantly lower oil prices in the next year or two, it is likely that new supplies of very expensive oil would dry up quickly and the whole fracked oil boom would be over. As usual, there are too many variables, ranging from prices to insurrections to extreme weather, to make a reasonable forecast of what is going to happen.

Sun Power: The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis – Chapter 4

Originally posted at Falls Church News-Press. Therefore, the energy crisis is closely linked to the environmental crisis. Economic and socio-political. Energy security is one of the major concerns of the main economic centers of the planet.

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In fact, energy conditions the possibility of growth, which is essential to the market economy and its development model. The energy crisis could thus have a dramatic impact on the global economy. Besides, when energy markets fail, an energy shortage develops. Energy shortages and resulting economic factors may create socio-political issues.

Energy transition to renewable energy sources. Unlike fossil fuels, some energy sources are totally renewable, and do not emit greenhouse gases. These clean and sustainable alternative energy solutions include solar energy , hydropower , wind energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy. Energy efficiency and conservation.

In order to prevent an energy crisis, it is also crucial that we consume less energy by improving and modernising energy infrastructure such as smart grid solutions , and smart cities. It is also important that we replace old devices by energy efficient solutions, such as replacing traditional light bulbs by LEDs. For the first time a label proves the economic profitability of solutions that protect the environment. The Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting 1, solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and awarding them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label.

Collaborating with independent experts and with renowned institutions, the World Alliance proposes to evaluate its members solutions free of charge. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label will offer a competitive edge to innovators and a guarantee of quality to solution seekers. Toggle navigation.

Solutions to the energy crisis How to achieve sustainable energy? Learn More. Solutions Contribute Definition Causes Effects Solutions Energy crisis solutions. Browse Efficient Solutions. Feb Large market. Eco Chiller Energy recovery from cryogenic gases. Small market. Elemental Water Makers Desalination system powered by renewable energy.

Apr X-Sol Resistant and low-cost solar water heater using special plastic materials. Nov Initial market.

Insolar Communities Insolar promotes the democratisation of access to solar energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels in low-income communities. Sep Jan Nexelia Optimisation tool for iron melting.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Looking at - Post Carbon Institute

May My Joule Box Solar electricity generator for off-grid areas. JuiceNet Smart platform for EV charging. WaveRoller Renewable energy from ocean waves. Dec SolarSea SolarSea is a commercial renewable energy product that creates space for solar panels on the sea surface.

Contribute What can you do? Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash. Submit your solution As a company, you develop an efficient solution and you would like to get the Solar Impulse label Apply for the label. Recommend a company Do you know an innovative company developing efficient solutions? Let our team know about them Drop us a Note.

Photo by Lemur on Unsplash.

The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis
The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis
The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis
The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis
The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis

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